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As coffee roasters our lives revolve around green coffee and we often get asked if we grow it ourselves (*spoiler alert* we don't). We've seen the photos in industry articles and on social media but we know it just isn't the same as being there.  So for years we've dreamed about going to a coffee producing country and seeing a plantation for ourselves but we've never had the time or the money, until now.

Last year we sold a rental property and Sarah and I decided to finally do it. We went about researching various countries both within our budget and that were harvesting during February (our slowest month). Of course, we also wanted to visit somewhere relatively safe for Americans to travel. We settled on Costa Rica and couldn't be more excited. While we're there we will be taking photos and video of our visits to coffee plantations and sharing them as we are able (i.e. when we have access to the internet). We will also try to post a blog entry or two while we are there and it is fresh in our minds.

Of course, it does mean that orders placed between Feb 8th and 27th won't be fulfilled until we return. To that end we have decided to offer 20% off our entire site so folks can stock up before we leave. In case you aren't signed up for our email newsletter the promo code is HURRAY and it is good now through Feb 2nd.

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