Ambajejus Lake Decaf Espresso Blend

Ambajejus Lake Decaf Espresso Blend

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This Dark Roasted water process decaf has notes of dark chocolate, cocoa and molasses.

Flavor Profile:

  • Palate: dark chocolate, cocoa
  • Finish: molasses

Brewing Recommendation: Espresso, French press 

Ambajejus Lake is part of the Pemadumcook chain of lakes just south of Mount Katahdin. It has a rich history in the area, especially given its connection to the logging industry that made this part of Maine famous.  Located on an island within the lake is the Ambajejus Boomhouse. It is an amazing piece of logging history and is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

For the best results when brewing we recommend grinding your beans right before you brew. Don't have a grinder? That's ok, we've got your back. We can grind it for you! Just select your preferred grind option from the drop-down menu.