Cerro de Jesus RFA Segovia Microlot Ethiosar

Cerro de Jesus RFA Segovia Microlot Ethiosar

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This Medium Roast has notes of caramel, strawberry, lime, and melon this smooth coffee has a good, heavy body with a long, full finish.

Flavor Profile:
  • Palate: caramel, strawberry, lime
  • Finish: melon

Brewing Recommendation: French Press, Pour Over

The farm Cerro de Jesus, for which this coffee is named, is nestled high in Nueva Segovia, the premier coffee growing region of Nicaragua. This region is known for its abundant rainfall, high

altitude, and its many shade trees.  

As this is a Select Reserve offering we do not offer grinding services for it as it would undermine the flavor of this wonderfully complex coffee.

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