Guatemala Huehuetenango - Fair Trade, Organic

Guatemala Huehuetenango - Fair Trade, Organic

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This Medium Roasted Guatemalan has notes of vanilla, lemon, and nutmeg with subtler hints of apricot and cinnamon.

Flavor Profile:

  • Palate: vanilla, lemon, nutmeg
  • Finish: apricot, cinnamon

Brewing Recommendation: French Press, Pour Over

Huehuetenango (pronounced 'way-way-ten-on-go), is one of Guatemala's twenty-two districts and is located in the northwest corner of the country. Coffee has been grown here since the 19th century and is famous for having exceptionally rich and complex flavor profiles.

For the best results when brewing we recommend grinding your beans right before you brew. Don't have a grinder? That's ok, we've got your back. We can grind it for you! Just select your preferred grind option from the drop-down menu.

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