Hand-Thrown Pour Over and Mug Set by English Fields Pottery

Hand-Thrown Pour Over and Mug Set by English Fields Pottery

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Many a coffee connoisseur choose to brew their coffee using a pour-over.  This method of brewing allows for greater control over all the variables involved and can result in some truly amazing cups of coffee.

While we do offer an inexpensive, mass-produced pour-over made by Kalita we weren't satisfied with only carrying an imported option. This is why we have partnered with English Field Pottery in Addison, Maine to bring you these beautiful, hand-thrown pour-over and mug sets. The 8oz is a lovely blue while the 12oz are a two-tone black and gray.

Each piece is hand-thrown on a wheel and this results in slight variances in shape and color. Art uses a mixture of different clays and fires each piece to 2160F. All of his glazes are all hand-mixed from scratch in his studio.

Color: Black/grey

Size: 8oz & 12oz

Artist Bio: 

English Field Pottery was started by Art Emerson in 2018 and was the fruit of a 50-year dream.  Art studied pottery in the 1960s while pursuing a degree in art. Afterward, he continued his work as an Instructor/Director of various US Army Arts & Crafts shops in both the USA and abroad. The name of the company was taken from a small field along the banks of the Indian River Stream in Addison, Maine.