Honduras Honey Process - Fair Trade, Organic, Women-Owned

Honduras Honey Process - Fair Trade, Organic, Women-Owned

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This Medium Roasted coffee is exclusively from women-owned farms and has notes of honey, lemon, and tart cherry.

Flavor Profile:

  • Palate: honey, lemon
  • Finish: tart cherry

Brewing Recommendation: French Press, Pour Over, Drip

Located in Marcala, Honduras is the COMSA organization, a society of coffee producers. In 2013 COMSA created "Manos de Mujer" in an effort to improve the lives of the women coffee growers within its ranks. This is part of a larger initiative to improve these women's lives that also includes growing vegetables and fruits as well as livestock such as chickens, pigs, and cows.

Honey processing is a hybrid coffee processing technique. Most coffees are wet-processed (also known as "washed"). This process removes the skin, pulp, and mucilage before drying the beans. Alternately, a naturally processed coffee leaves the bean inside the fruit to dry. With a honey processed coffee, some of the pulp and mucilage is left on which results in the beans becoming sticky while drying (hence the name "honey"). The end result is a brighter tasting coffee with an inherent sweetness and fruity overtones.

For the best results when brewing we recommend grinding your beans right before you brew. Don't have a grinder? That's ok, we've got your back. We can grind it for you! Just select your preferred grind option from the drop-down menu.

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