Little Italy Blend
Little Italy Blend

Little Italy Blend

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This Dark Roast blend has notes of smokey vanilla, pecans and chocolate.  While roasted for use in an espresso machine this blend also works as a brewed coffee.

Flavor Profile:

  • Palate: smokey vanilla, pecans
  • Finish: chocolate

Brewing Recommendation: Espresso, French Press, Pour Over

In 1899 construction began on the Great Northern Paper Mill and a small settlement was established along the banks of Millinocket stream to house the workers and their families. By 1900 almost half of the workforce was made up of Italian immigrants whose influence can be felt in Millinocket to this day. So to honor those Italian pioneers we’ve named our first blend after the neighborhood that bears the name Little Italy.

For the best results when brewing we recommend grinding your beans right before you brew. Don't have a grinder? That's ok, we've got your back. We can grind* it for you! Just select your preferred grind option from the drop-down menu.

*Ground coffee orders will ship 24-48 hours after ordering to allow the full flavor to develop before grinding.

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